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hershey07 hershey07 16-17, F 8 Answers Jul 11, 2012

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Move on from what? Relationship? Betrayal? Accident? Some things are easier than others, time always plays a part. Being able to talk it over with friends/family/therapist. You do what you can to let go of the pain and get on with your life, never easy.

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Things happen in life we do not like and enjoy i.e. life is hard.<br />
Some things we never get over them these are the difficult ones...the trick and key is to get past them...when we remember them person/place/event/thing acknowledge this as something that did happen and decide how is the past going to effect me here right now in this moment ????<br />
Look at a successful person and you'll see someone who has been knocked on their bottocks numerous times in life..has taken the event and turned it into a positive character building experience.

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