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For a short term fix, and to get things started, take a laxative, Senacot is a good concentrared natural laxative, but probably best to ask your pharmacist.

Once you've cured the immediate problem, eat more fruit and veg,(ruffage) and drink more water, and real Orange juice or prune juice. Also eating mixed nuts and raisins is very helpful.

Excercise is also important, try not to sit too much if you can avoid it.

Standing straight and holding your stomach in, helps keep your gut in the correct position, and allows gravity to have a helpful effect.

Incorporate as many of these things as you can into your lifestyle, you can adjust things according to how effective they are.

Remember, healthy bowels (regular bowel movemens) are essential to overall good health.

If you've suffered regular bouts of constipation, you'll notice that the above mentioned changes will make you feel much better in every way.

Good luck.

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3 Ballerina Tea. $3 or $4.00 at your local oriental tea dealer.

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Watch Justin Bieber

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I have a weekly regimen of prunes, pears and apples with water everyday & almonds.

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banana or "p" fruit like

prunes, peaches, pineapples, etc.

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Magnesium Citrate. Make sure it's either "citrate" or "Chelated Magnesium." You can get these at a place like Vitamin Shoppe but not usually at a regular drug store.

I PROMISE you will not be constipated after that! I take a whole GRAM every day, but for other reasons. That's why the stuff you buy is called milk of MAGNESIa!

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Guinness does it for me every Friday

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Eat peanuts

Make sure you're not dehydrated

Eat fiber

#1 and #3 may take a day, but #2 might help you much quicker.

Oh--Avoid cheese, but yoghurt is OK

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rubber gloves...

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lots of fiber ie; fruits and veggies. if all else fails prune juice should work. better to try natural remedies before popping pills.

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sunflower seeds and or lentils....serious

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