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Women hit on me every time I go out.

One time, this redhead came up to me and said

"I'm not going to give you my name, until you give me yours."

She was attractive, but sleazy...she got ignored by me (it was easy, I actually didn't even hear her). My friend heard her and and started to yell at her to get away from me.

The cutest one happened at this Halloween party (this year). A 73 year old woman told me

"If I were younger, you'd be in trouble."

I am 37.

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"How do you like your eggs in the morning... fried or fertilised?!!" No one seriously said that.......did they? LOL

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They're all corny, aren't they? One guy said:

'That shirt is becoming on you....of course, if I was on you, I'd be coming too'

That was pretty corny...

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why since I have been drinking bud it would take ten clidsdales to pull you from my face!

Has anyone ever told you they love your camel toe!

lets have a drink, go to my place and you can get up and cook us breakfast!

What I would give to be a pair of your underware!

can you pretend my face is a bicycle set and set on my face!

can I pinch those tittie so I can prove I am not dreaming!

roses are red and those jeans look real tight can I try to pry them off with my crow bar!

Last but not least. may I tickle your inners with my tounge!

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good I love to make people laugh! why I must say it looks like your pretty good at short hand I could use one about now! That is why they call me the magicwriter69 I mean 49 lol have a good evening and thanks for asking the question anow do I get the best answer?

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i was told"it's not the approach that counts it is the landing."

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"Are those real?" for a man to pick up a woman.

"Do you think these are real?" for a woman to pick up a man.

I'm talking about eyelashes, of course.

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"Can you turn around real quick? I have to make sure if that was wings I just saw there"

And other angel related pick up lines.. Although they are sweet, still really cheesy...

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I've lost my number. Can I have yours?

You smell good.

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Is Heaven missing an angel?

Cause you got nice cans.

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One where some goon said i don't care if your boobs are small because it means i can just get closer to you heart, i was nearly sick in pure anger at how gay it was.

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When I guy pretends he has met you before.

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