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I can google yes, I thought maybe someone could explain it here.
wordymindbattles wordymindbattles 13-15, M 4 Answers Jun 22, 2014 in Hobbies

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Football is the best sport scocer is European football where u kick it rugby is basically American football without pads

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They're team sports played on a field with a ball and referees, but the rules, scoring, and many of the skills required are different.

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Football and soccer are one and the same different only in name, rugby has fifteen team members unlike soccer 11 pla<x>yers, the ball is handled and kicked by the pla<x>yers and pla<x>yers are physically stopped/tackled by opposing pla<x>yers when they handle the ball, in soccer th ball is kicked and headed towards goal in order to score points called goals, between the goalposts, in rugby the entire opponents line, tryline where the posts are housed may be used to score points called a try when the ball is grounded over their opponentst tryline, points may also be scored by kicking between the posts when their opponents are penalised for breaching the rules! Rugby also accommodates all body types mixing strength and speed, you may have a 150 pound pla<x>yer having to stop a 250 pound pla<x>yer!

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