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People sometimes like to say that we have no control over who we fall in love with. This may or may not be entirely true. And a person may fall in love with another person for a variety of reasons. Do we feel love? Or do we think love? I'm able to analyse (and in a more objective way perhaps, another person is able to, given enough information) the positive and negative aspects of a potential romantic relationship. To what extent will this analysis influence how I 'feel' about the relationship? I THINK that thinking and feeling are fundamentally the same thing, and that the distinction is simply a situational one. Your thoughts? Your feelings? The love thing was only an example. I used it because it's a feeling that a lot of people seem to like to think about a lot. And please, don't just say 'SEMANTICS!!!' Think about it more carefully.
caddisfly9 caddisfly9 22-25, M 6 Answers Jun 6, 2011

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When you are thinking you are living either in the past or the future.<br />
<br />
When you are feeling you are right there in the present.

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you can think love and not feel it....often the body is on a different wavelength to the can feel love and not think it they are not in tandem, they are different.....congruence is when the mind and body are in synch and that is integrity...

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i think we have more control firstly over our thinking " change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. a quote from my N.L.P class. I have also studied some psychology. from that I gather that how we look, feel, perceive things is in turn how we react to them behave towards them ie how we feel about them.,it is easier firstly to change our way of thinking. feeling is more a response. as for your example i think we think love first because we have to discover why we love the person what traits ? are they faithful, are they attractive etc and then feel the love afterwards. Thats how i see it anyway. Yes there is control over the cognition. like i said change the way you look at things and so on.....

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