Importance of Physical Education in our daily living? Thanks
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Well, even if you hate playing sports (as I do) it is important to be physically fit. Physical fitness is important for a person's physical health and emotional and mental health too. You can't live a very healthy life if you don't do some exercise, and you won't be happy if you aren't healthy.

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Physical Ed is important to teach kids and adults for that matter! We need to educated people on the importance of being active, exercising, eating right to maintain a healthy body, especially for children as their bones and muscles continue to grow and develop. (adults need exercise to maintain strong bones since they tend to lose bone mass as they get older)

Exercise is important for strong bodies and core strength and helps develop motor skills

It's an overall confidence booster

Physical Ed. also teaches the importance of proper nutrition

It helps teach the importance of sportsmanship and team building skills, working together as a team, supporting one another, how to organize the group/team, communication skills.

It helps reduce stress when we exercise... which everyone has... especially kids of today. So much stress to do well in school get top grades go on to top level colleges.

Physical Ed is def. important in schools. We need to get kids moving and away from their computers and video games and off the sofa. They need to develop good exercise habits as kids so hopefully it will carry over to adulthood.

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PE is very important to keep fit and be healthy.I think sometimes music helps us with physical exercise in different ways.Very hard and intense exercise feels easy with music! Slow music can calm you and help you to concentrate.

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To achieve physicl fitness levels in accordance with age,height andweight .

To achieve good health and physical fitness by keeping the circulatory, respiration, digestive and neuro muscular system in proper condition.

to develop agility, coordination, balance and good habit .

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because, it helps us to maintain our health.

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it is important because it helps develop your physical strength

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It's important to know how your body works and how to improve it. Going to Phys Ed helps you gain muscle and endurance, and also helps your sportsmanship, confidence, and can make you more comfortable with your body and abilites. It is going to give u confience about it.

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Physical education.

Human education.

Divine education.

All three are most important.

Lack any one of these three, a man cannot become true man.

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