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I was 16 and in my girlfriends bedroom watching TV and decided to go down on her. The door was unlocked and her Mom walked in - oops. Her Mom did an about face and walked back out - promptly shouted her daughters name and "GET IN HERE!!!!!" Her Mom was a BIG woman, so I got a bit afraid of what she would do to me. I started to think about knives and having my **** cut off.

Thankfully, I was only told to immediately leave. I tried to apologise to her Mom first, but she didn't want to talk to me.

Sad thing is that weeks later her Mom requested a transfer at work to the other side of the country to prevent me from seeing her daughter... Since she was so afraid of her daughter having sex. As soon as they moved, another guy wasted no time and was nailing my then ex-girlfriend while her Mom was at work.

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I was set up at an annual convention and a series of pictures of me in relation to the company's future were part of one program . . . where they were photo-shopped and I went from my full head of hair to being bald.

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Too many, thank god I don't let them bother me anymore.

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Life *blushes wildly*

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