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Mine was: I was in a hotel with an old Friend, I haven't seen in years.. and He was drinking and started trashing the place and tried to blame me. I tried to call out for help but no one would believe me or help me, I was stuck in the room with a monster who was saying I broke his heart [although in real life we have never dated] . he was crying and trying to hug me. and I remember shaking a lot and scared he was going to physically hurt me . next thing I know there were two other people in the room, and I was talking to them but it was like I was never there. and my old friend pushed me on the bed and said he was gonna get what he always wanted. NOT SURE WHAT THAT WAS, BECAUSE I WOKE UP, TERRIFIED.. NEEDLESS TO SAY I DIDNT GET BACK TO SLEEP!!!
ifollowmyownstar ifollowmyownstar 31-35, F 2 Answers Apr 29, 2014 in Doing Good

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I was gollum from the hobbit and I was invited to a party… <br />
<br />
fuçk that was weird…

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