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The reason I asked this question is because I was up front with a girl friend and she freaked out and doesn't want anything to do with me now. Just does not make sense to me.
theFox4u theFox4u 61-65, M 3 Answers Nov 30, 2010

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Men aren't supposed to have fun.

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talk to him many men can't help them selfs when it come to cross-dressing, it's not easy to admit something like that even to the one person they love the most in there life, don't assume he's gay most CD's are not. understand that he is scared, humiliated and very vulnerable right now, if you have an otherwise healthy relationship you need to communicate, there are many online resources available your could read written by mental heath doctors and therapist on this subject. good luck

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If your honest tell them and don't hide it I can see them aCcepting it..but when a guy just does it and u walk in it messes with us as women.I was with my husband 2yrs before I found out I walked in he had on my bra my pantys...needless to say just be honest

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