it actually freaks me out and i cant listen to the tune lol
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Actually, there are a few different possible origins but the one in my College History Class. btw Im a history major.

Rock a Bye Baby is about killing the kings baby. The people were so fed up the the kings rule they wanted to end it by killing his child. If you want I'll ask my professor again which king it was and get you more details. Just email me, (hesssr2927@yahoo). Pretty much all Nursery Rhymes are dark.

For example: Ring Around the Rosie

When a person contracted the Bubonic Plague, they would gain rose-colored, puss-filled sores on their body called rosies. As the infection spread, rings would wind around the rosies. "Ring around the rosie," refers to these rings.

Pocket Full of Posies

During the time of the Bubonic Plague, people realized that it was harmful to go around the body of someone who had died from the plague. The common practice in some areas of Europe was to fill the shirt or jacket pocket of the deceased with posies so that others would know to leave the body alone.

"Pocket full of posies," was what would soon happen after the person started getting the rings around the rosie. Once the rings started to form, the undertaker would be called to prepare the posies.

Ashes Ashes

Once the body of the person who had died from the plague had been taken away, it would be burned. This is essentially when cremation started as a form of burial.

There was a lot of worry that extra handling of the body could cause people to get sick. There was also worry by some that the body would come back in the form of a vampire or some other type of the walking dead. Burning the body was the only true option they had.

We All Fall Down

It was believed by many that eventually that Bubonic Plague would wipe out all of civilization. It is understandable why they had this belief because of the number of people that were dying everyday from the Plague.

The Black Death killed off an estimated 20-35% of the population of Eurasia during its historic run. It was nearly impossible for anyone to not know at least one person who died from the Plague at the time.

This nursery rime has been with us for centuries, and will probably be sung for centuries more. It is interesting about how many people have sung this song without knowing what it meant.

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It's talking about along time ago the native American women would tie their babies up in a tree but not to tight so they could rock... The moms did this while they went out to work in the fields (so the animals couldn't get their baby).. And if the wind blow to hard then the baby and the cradle would fall out of the tree... O.O scares me (I'm only 13 and I know about these creepy rhymes)

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It means that you should purchase some fantastic products from the company I am advertising for, right now.

Alternatively, it could mean nothing if you don't assign meaning to it.

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Ring Around The Rosie is kind of strange.

To think there was childrens song about death & disease

singing so cheerfully freaks me out. lol. It's just weird too.

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This lullaby hints at quite possibly a very tragic ending. The baby is placed in a cradle, on top of the tree (for apparently no reason). The wind blows rather strongly, and the branch of the tree will seemingly eventually break so that the cradle (and the innocent baby inside it) will fall probably crash helplessly down on the ground. Don’t ask me what would happen next. I personally feel that the lullabies we sing to our kids shouldn’t have these types of nightmarish endings.

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whats the meaning behind row row row your boat gently down the stream

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The words and lyrics to the "Rock a bye baby" rhyme are reputed to reflect the observations of a young pilgrim boy in America who had seen Native American mothers suspend a birch bark cradle from the branches of a tree. Thus enabling the wind to rock the cradle and the child to sleep!

I didn't know this so I did a Google search.....It kind of makes sense.

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Thats a good question....I sang it to my kids when they were babies....maybe thats why.....!

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I don't know but it's a very scary song about a baby rockin' in a tree top then getting blown out of it and crashing to the ground !

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Rock a bye baby is a simple lullaby which describes the act of childbirth. The baby is not up in a tree, it is in its mothers womb. The bough breaking are the waters breaking. In child birth the bag of waters breaks just prior to labor. The cradle is the placenta. The baby and its placenta both come down the delivery canal and the child is born.

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