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Incorporation on and between more platforms. Like household equipment and office environment.

But it'll still be as useless as today. The problem with IT is that they come up with great solutions for problems that aren't there or the wrong solution for a problem.

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Incredibly great! It will turn a netzen into a NET ZEN.

All the noble thoughts, ancient and modern, will become easily, speedily, efficiently accessed to all people of the world. This is its priceless contribution to the realization of our most beautiful dream about World Unity.

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Mind blowing. I have been doing IT as a profession for 25 years (started at age 15 and I'm now 40) and we are on the cusp of some MAJOR innovations. Solid state memory (i.e. USB or 'thumb' drives) are quickly replacing 'hard drives' in devices. This will reduce heat and increase battery life enormously. It will also change how several operating systems (i.e. Microsoft Windows) work. In the past, there has always been some dependence upon regularly accessing the hard drive storage for various reasons (virtual memory) now that a 'solid state' drive has decreased how long it takes to access a piece of data (by a factor of 1000!!) you won't see a 'slow computer' any more.

There is also a major advancement in ECM (Enterprise Content Management) coming which will change how we look at documentation creation and storage. While I'm not sure we will ever get to a 'paperless office' we're going to get awfully close over the next few years.

Information Technology will also help us move forward with advances in transportation and energy production. For instance, it was only the vastly more powerful computing capacity available since 2000 that has allowed both 'wind energy' and 'solar energy' to have made such enormous leaps in efficiency. The 'bullet trains' in Asia and Europe would not be possible without the incredible advances in CAD (Computer Aided Design) the new technologies have made possible.

Another arena that is going to change dramatically is education. With the new capabilities for 'video conferencing' coming it will be quite possible for classes to be held completely in 'cyberspace' with instructors around the world teaching students around the world.

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