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This is about my little 5 year old sister>>

she keeps on saying "oh lord!" so this is what happened>>

she says - Oh Lord

I say- Do you know who Lord is?

she says- no

I say- He created everything and everyone! even you!

she says- what? NO WAY! (she is very dramatic...)

I say- yep! He even created... the sun!

she says- WHAT?! but the sun is so hot he will get burned!... I hope he wore gloves

then I just laugh. and she is confused. THE END

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I once had a kitten that was watching Winnie the pool and starting imitating Tigger by jumping up and down on his hind legs hence that became his name he also knew how to use a Kleenex to wipe his nose which he also figure out all by himself, he was the smartest cat I ever had...

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I've seen my bulldog try to get it on with my chrismas tree plenty of times.

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One morning my very grumpy calico hissed and growled at me as I reached down to pet her. I said to her, "I'm just trying to tell you good morning!". She hissed and growled again.

As this was taking place, my other cat was walking by. She got from the kitchen (where I was) to the dining room, then turned around, darted back into the kitchen, slapped the calico across the face, and walked away.

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One of the funniest things was watching my cat jump at the kitchen wall phone when he heard it ringing.

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Years ago hubby and I were at his parents place to have dinner. Chops were cooking under the grill, the door of which was only open an inch or two. I was standing talking to my mother in law and her cat jumped up onto the edge of the grill and quick as anything hooks a chop out with his paw, then is gone as fast as he can go. Was weird

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Many years ago we had a bearded collie who loved to jump on the trampoline with the kids. I dont know how we would have raised them without him.

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My male dog hikes his leg then poops.

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