Utopia. O-negativity. Peace. Love. Harmony. One Nation. Barter revolution.
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No Nation


Love Harmony

No money

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I think its easier if we all banded together as a whole instead of individual factions.

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Hence the Love Harmony

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I was merely commenting on "No Nation" otherwise it contradicts. Harmony is equality and togetherness not individualism.

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No Gods, No Masters.

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Restructuring of education to teach children the really precious things in life

The outlawing of patriotism,all being earthmen,not nationality

The encouragement and promotion of loving kindness towards all living creatures

Nobody need or shall ever go hungry again,or unclothed or homeless

Lies and deceit will become the most despised activity to society,and jumped on severely

All royal lines,aristocracy and mega rich will have to sit a stringent exam to see if they can mend their ways to rejoin society(haha)

Any new discoveries/technology will be used for the benefit of all,not as an aid to suppress

Remember there would be so much money available without "defense budgets" that achieving these goals would be well within the budget.And once people realised the lies they have been told since birth,they would relish a fairer,juster and more loving world around them.

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Oh no,you havnt gone to the other side have you?

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it is one were i rule and in the end i have the finel say but unlike a lot of rulers i am going to let my peapel control a lot and only step in when i find a need to do so and i would run the courts lol and the prisons lol but i would not rule so much as that my pepel fear me i would be fare and just and i would want them to speek thare mind to me be honest to me it be like the usa but with a ruler thats can take the rains of the nashion when needing to do so and that will see things are done right fare and justly that cruelty is not tolerated and that my pepel are happy with thare life and i would not let power go to my head unlike meny do lol i not like that i would want my pepel to love me of thare owen free will to do so not by fear of me i would care for them and wile i may live like a ruler i still would not be unreasonbel as to be a harship on those i care for i would be a good leader

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Economists are in charge of the economy.

The justice system is ran by lawyers and criminal psychologists.

Accomplished Scientists and doctors are immune from tax.

Teachers must be paid a good wage.

Homphobia and racist crimes always carry prison sentences.

You have to have spent at least 10 years of your life doing charity work to lead a nation as prime-minister.

oh and weed is legalized and regulated :)

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I would build a masterful Army and sort out Europe and free it from the bastards, then triple our power of arms, Invade America and take whats ours

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