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My best and worst are one in the same.

I was five years old. For some reason that night I was sleeping in my parents' bed. At three in the morning the smoke alarms started to sound. I clearly remember my mother and father panicking, though I was still drowsy with sleep. My father ran to get my two year old brother from his crib and my mother swept me up and ran me out the side door in the bedroom. We were always told not to go in and out that door because there were snakes, all I could think as my mother frantically ran was "we can't go out this door! Snakes!"

By the time we got to the front of the house my father was there with my baby brother. Flames engulfed the roof and was quickly spreading throughout the house. My mother was crying. Then I remembered my report card.

I was in kindergarten and I had just received my first report card. We were supposed to get it signed and turn it back in to the teacher. I was freaked about getting in trouble for not turning it in. I must have vocalized this because my father began sprinting towards the house. There was a huge explosion near the rear of the house, a propane tank had exploded. I remember my mother screaming after my father, she was now holding my brother and I was standing barefoot on the gravel. Dad disappeared into the flaming house. He was gone for what seemed an eternity-- the fire spread across the front door through which he had entered. Mom was hysterical.

Then the living room window breaks and my father rolls out onto the front porch. In his hands the only two things that would survive the fire: a framed picture of my brother and I and my report card, which he triumphantly returns to me. Any wonder he's still my hero?

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Riding off the dock on my tricycle into 6' of water. Holding on to handlebars, going down with it....and at last my father's hand reaching down in and grabbing my shirt.

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placed under a shower with cold water by my mother after she noticed that I "played" with one of my body parts under the bedcover. I was araond 9 years old and it was in the beginning 60s.

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My worst was we were in church and the minister was talking then a few adults, my parents friends fell to the ground and shook like they were having seizures. It freaked me right out and I never wanted to go back to church again!

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Hmm too many, mostly bad. One that comes to mind. I crapped diarreha(sp) in my pants in public.

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