I will give my definition later on.. Ok here goes; 1. Leading by example. Try your best to follow the example Jesus provides for us. He provides many examples in the bible to read up on. 2. By continuing to do this, you form a relationship with Jesus Christ. 3. Be authentic in your approach. Don't worry, just be yourself, God made you unique for good reason. We all make mistakes, it's part of the learning process. 4. Find your wisdom in the Bible and don't lean on other people for it. 6. Don't forget to give thanks & pray. :) 5. Concentrate on being loving.
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My definition for myself for being a Christian is:

Know Christ as my personal savior and having relationship with God the Father, Son and The Holy Ghost

Being displine by the Word...and the Holy Spirit as my Guide.

Being a Christian doen't mean I wont fall, stubble or do bad...but I have the choice to repent and walk this journey with Jesus Christ... Him being for me..even if the worlds against me...which is awesome. Trusting with all my heart in this relationship... that he has a plan for my life. So for me... I'm just taking my Father at His Word/Promises... as a Christian.

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You capitalized the word Christian, so the answer is different from if you hadn't. Let me give you some examples of the differences:

Jesus said, judge not. Christianity says - judge everyone. Be fruit pickers.

Jesus said "fear not evil". Christianity says to fear evil.

Jesus said “resist not evil”. Christianity says to turn away from it.

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN YOU - thus it is here – NOW. Christianity says it's OUTSIDE of you and it is where christians go AFTER they die.

Jesus said do NOT pray in churches. Christians are told to pray in churches.

Jesus said do NOT pray in public. Christians are told to pray in public.

Jesus said to follow him, you must give up all that you own and trust that you will be taken care of. Christians don’t dare do this. They put their faith in money.

Jesus said that even the most spiritually bankrupt (corrupt/evil) are (also) of the kingdom of heaven (a unified field concept). Christianity says they're of the kingdom of Satan. (a concept that requires time to be something that it is provably NOT)

Jesus said to love your enemies and do good to those who do not love you. Christianity says to correct them, chastise them, or even go to war against them when leaders whom God has placed over you tell you to.

Jesus said to give unto Caesar that which is Ceasar’s, and give unto God that which is God’s. Christianity says to give unto God that which is Caesar’s (money and fear) and give unto Caesar that which is god’s (your allegiance).

Jesus said to see no human as more important than yourself. Christiannity says that God placed leaders above you to rule over you.

Jesus said to swear no oaths. Christianity swear’s oaths – whether as a Pledge of Allegiance or the oath of office/witnesses/jury duty, etc.

Jesus said to love yourself, for as you love yourself and the least of those among you, you love god (thus redefining God because We are god). Christianity says to debase yourself before those whom God has placed over you.

Jesus said you are powerful creatures – gods in your own right. What you ask for WILL be given. Christianity says you are powerless.

Jesus told you how to use your innate power for your own protection and wellbeing. Christianity says that those who use it are evil.

Jesus said that YOU are the light of the world. Christianity says that Jesus is.

A Christian follows the teachings of Jesus. A christian (xtian) follows the rules of money.

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To me, being a Christian is being a follower of Jesus. Of his example. I stick to the basics.

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What a foolish question to ask here! If you really want to know what it means to be a Christian, go speak to a pastor or a priest.

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I want to know what these people think. Is it foolish to want to know people's thoughts?

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If you want truth, go to those who have truly struggled with it, not to those who have no real concern for your desire to know about it.

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Neither - I'd rather judge someone on their individual merits as opposed to their belief system.

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Anyone one who follows the teachings of Joshua Bar Joseph in any of their hundreds of versions.

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"There are many rooms in my father's mansion" for me means yes I am a Christian, christened and confirmed, but my religion is no higher than any other (except Scientology haha) and there are many ways to God/dess/Higher Power/The Universe.

Treat others as you would wish to be treated and look for the things in religion that we have in common and not the things that divide us.

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It is a great thing to be a Christian.

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Why? What makes it great for you? Details please.. :)

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The great thing about being a Christian is that you have hope.Hope that the promises made in the Bible will come true and that one day there will be a much better life for believers.

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just a waste of time, not really a bad thing.

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i did till i was 15 and got sense enough to get out of there.

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Ieveing that Christ dies for our sins. I don't consider myself a Christian but this is what they believe makes someone a Christian.

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That's part of the equation

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Yes, they have a whole system of belief that has many differences from one form of Christianity to another but the one they all have is that Christ died for their sins and that they will be rewarded in heaven when the rapture comes

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