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She gotta have dat *** and the curves gotta sway like whoa. She has to have a cute face(nice lips, nice smile, everything nice). Hair color doesn't matter. Average hair length, doesn't matter, just not Rapunzel length. She can't be taller than me. I'm 6'2.

She has to be seductive, sexy, intimate, caring/nurturing. I want a girl with will/strength. Not too strong. But she has to make me feel more alive.

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Kiera Knightely

Victoria Beckham

Jasmine Lennard


Bill Clinton

Harrison Ford

Richard Branson

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I admit I have a weakness for pear shapes, with hips, and smaller busts on women. I love big bodies with thick muscular legs and "bubble butts" on men.

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im a girl (16)

I like guys that are taller than me, and one of the biggest turn ons is a nice muscular back :)

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If someone talks nicely to me and has a pleasant attitude, I am attracted to them.

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Tall and cuddly for a guy, thick hair, manly beard and fuzzy chest a plus. If I were into chicks, hourglass and voluptuous, think Christina Hendricks(Joan from Mad Men). Shes the only woman I'd go gay for and maybe Jennifer Carpenter (Deb from Dexter) lol

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both athletic...💪

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