Kathieredart Kathieredart 56-60, F 4 Answers Jan 31, 2012

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4:00 PM:

The work day is over and the rest is mine.

On a Spring or Summer day it's the perfect time to hit the beach.

Dinner time with family is right around the corner.

It's the perfect time to walk into the pub and meet friends.

A good time to walk the puppies, with the heat of the day passed.

A good time on the weekend to spend some time working in the yard.

For some of my Brit friends it's tea time, for the rest it's time for a pint.

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It sounds like you really appreciate your evenings....I'm happy for you. Have an extra pleasant evening tonight, won't you?

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my favourite time of the day would be the night bcoz that is when i am able to think clearly and well get out of life for a bit

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Are you refering to you need some time alone...a little solitude?

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Unprecedented but common to me is early AM like noon to 4:00 am..

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You might need to work in some sleep? ZZZZzzzzzz

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