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1) food 2) alcoholic beverage 3) movie type (thriller, romance, comedy, etc.etc.) 4) time of the year 5) actor/actress
Siav Siav 26-30, M 5 Answers Apr 15, 2014 in Community

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Sushi, Non Alcoholic, comedy/action/romance, Spring&Fall, Nicholson, Denero, Ford, Bullock, Mc Andrew, Witherspoon.

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1) Oh man, too much to choose from :/ I'ma just be general and say Thai food. <br />
2) This one's easy- vodka! But gin's pretty damn good too.. <br />
3) Sci-fi. <br />
4) Winter! <br />
5) Idk.. Jon Hamm... but only when he's being Don Draper.

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Burgers, I don't drink, horror, fall, and Cillian Murphy

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