Quatum Physics. Isn't it hard to understand?
Ambivilent Ambivilent 56-60, M 5 Answers May 16, 2011

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Most physicists point to this likelihood. The language is too complex for me. I have always intuitively felt that there must be. That our consciousness is limited by our physical senses, and we therefor do not perceive the greater realities around us. Many mystics have claimed to have stepped into some of these other realities, and glimpsed probable realities that exist parallel to our own.

If consciousness survives death, then we shall all find out one day, for certain.

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Quatun physics is interesting,,,,the concept of all things and beings being relative, and that energy is the force behind life,about reaching a higher consciousness above that of the senses..I find it very interesting...One of those subjects I'd love to delive into more....

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Once you are parallel with the universe it is really like having a Genie in a bottle. But if your wires are really messed up you might consider a little Bwiti and have one of their priests give you an iboga cleansing. This will give your thoughts a tune-up and start your meter back to zero.

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Quantum Mechanics always gives me a headache.

I'd rather pay the engineers and they do a better job anyway.

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