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PinksWoman PinksWoman 61-65, T 8 Answers Oct 27, 2012 in Community

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I worked briefly for a soul destroying corporation in an economically depressed part of town. My co-workers there were nice people who were probably once young and motivated but were now demoralized and brainwashed people who spent at least half of each day wasting time making small talk or playing computer games, and the rest of the time they lost to meetings. At 5:30pm each day you had better not be standing on front of the door because they'd run you over like a cattle stampede. People were perfectly content to accept paychecks and benefits in exchange for their simply showing up. Managers hid in meetings or away at conferences most of the time, and focused most of communication around dispensing platitudes and dangling carrots in front of people. It was very depressing to be around and definitely the worst experience of my life.

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Having my 8 yr old daughter find her auntie dead on our couch one was devastating and terrifying...

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The death of my father and not getting to say good-bye.

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