right now I am pursuing my bachelors in science in the second year....i speak fluent english and i also have computer knowledge too!! guys can you help me, in finding a suitable part time job in goa..I am also above need not be on my qualification also....i would enjoy doing any job....forgot to mention..i am a fresher....
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12th Science Pass? What kind of work do you ultimately want to get into? What are your interests?

Fluent English and computer skills are pretty much the norm, so you're going to either need to develop new skills or dig a little deeper. You can always get an internship to help you develop those new skills.

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did not undertand what you said by new skills......

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i can do any job as long as it is after my college ends that is after 5pm.

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As in, skills that you do not currently have. If you just want money, you're going to have to settle for a job that does not require extensive skills. If you want the long term career goals, you will need to find an internship doing something you're interested in that will allow you to develop new skills that employers are interested in. The new skills would be anything that would relate to your career goals.

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No no, you need to think about a. what are you interested in ultimately doing, and b. where you can be helpful. If you just want money right now, then find a retail job. Tell them you can work nights and weekends. If you aren't willing to work weekends, they won't be interested. No one is going to bend over backwards to hire you when there is plenty of competition out there. If you want to develop work skills, you may need to find an internship related to your career goals so that you can learn new skills that will help you in your career.

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