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No matter how long you chat online, no matter how long you talk on the phone, you will never know someone until you meet them..

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Love is a blessing.. :]

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I've learned so many. You've got many high roads to travel. Please read some of my stories and learn from them. "Experience" is the key word here. Learn from others who have been in the dirty shoes...

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Here is a story, EP Link I wrote about the only less I have ever learned. The only less I will ever learn.

I am not really sure if this is a lesson, EP Link but it is a thought to have.

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To know my worth.

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Never ask a question you can't handle the answer to. Be honest no matter what,the truth always comes out. If your partner cheats don't waste any more time or effort they'll most likely do it again. If your partner gets drunk and steals your vehicle then tries to run you over with it, it's a sure sign you need to reassess your current relationship (or get a less manueverable car). Be open about what is upsetting you otherwise they will NOT understand and you'll grow to resent them < communication!!!!.If your partner talks about their ex even negatively it means they are still thinking about them. Finally ive learned not all relationships will workout no matter how bad you want them to but sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together (in theory anyway). Unfortaunatly im still going thru the trial and error phase.....

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the one who cares the least holds the most power

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Some times you learn how to do things better. Also relationships can teach you that some people are petty, controling and that is something to be aware of and guard yourself from getting to close to someone that is like this. Take some notes and date different people to find out what is important to you and how you are treated.

It is funny that people that are treated the worse by their partner that some times they hang on the hardest like they don't want to let go of the garbage they feel they are used to in relationships.

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I am one crazy biaaatch.

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dont do things that u dont like done to u

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To be seriously careful about those I choose to have a relationship with.

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People Change, Including myself.

Nothing lasts forever

I am what I am, and I can't make anyone love me unless they accept me for me

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