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That the world owes you absolutely nothing...

That, while we are each individuals, and we each deserve a chance, we are inconsequential in the grand scheme of life

No matter how smart you think you are, there is always someone smarter...

Listen first, then speak - shut the hell up once in a while and realize that maybe what you're saying isn't all that clever

Laugh, often, and loudly

Dig in the dirt or become friends with costs a lot less than yoga or pilates

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I am the result of all the lessons of life I have learned so far. For details you can pl. read my postings.

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Everyone's a threat.

Those who you let yourself care for have the power to destroy you.

It's all my fault.

I should be ashamed of myself, so I usually am.

...That's what I was taught. Trying hard to unlearn it.

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Those who you care for can also lift you to levels of joy that are hard to believe. At least, one person has for me. BTW, love your new avitar.

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Don't trust

Be patient

Work hard to get what you want

Don't hate

Do your best

Love yourself

I'm awesome :) lol

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I am an idiot and idiot...........................and idiot.

When I was knowing everything, I was knowing nothing

When I came to know something then I knew "I don't know anything".

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Shake it DRY---

Never Wring it Dry!!

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lets see dont let a court rase you or your kids dont use any form of solitary life is like being a inmate you can put in your two cents but in the end you dont have a dam say in what happens to you then you get older and they say go live your life like prisons say hears 200 bucks go live your life after your use to being treated like a inmate as a kid works realy well not lol solitary in any form will **** you up likely for ever being born a ward of the court sucks cos to them your just a ward moms will put up with dam near anything but when she theatends to drop you off at the courts and leave you your on her nerves bad when your 22 or 18 and your mom theatends to take guardianship of you or ses so help me i could still get guardianship of you in a hart beet best to back off evein if you know she will not do it best no push her you never know if this time she means it lol freedom is grand keeping it can be a hard thing and law is your only gard and shild as well as your sword know how to use them keep them battel ready at all times or give up and become a ward of the court thats about it so fare lol

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Everyone goes through the worst days of their life,when they think of nothing but committing suicide.Some go through this phase earlier in their life some go through this phase later.But when people come out of it ,they do so with flying colors.

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