I often wonder why my man and I are so intensely attracted to each other (I know why... but) deeper than that... do you think there is some force or something that connects you with 1 person and it's so different than anyone else that you have ever met in your life. Out of my 30 some years, I have found him and he has found me and we are so alike, it's like a perfect match. Anyone else experience that?
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I think that attraction to a person is more than just physical. I strongly believe that for those that find an intense deeper feeling around one another, like 'soul mates', there is definitely a combination of many things. While I do believe in having a 'soul mate', I also believe there is more than one person that one 'belongs' with. It's a good sign for you two, and be happy, because some people never get to ever know what that feels like. Some people will instantly know of that person when they see them in a crowd. Not really love at first sight... but it's definitely some kind of feeling on both parts.

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Playing devil's advocate here ... don't you think the phrase "opposites attract" came to be for a reason? While there certainly needs to be enough similarities to generate interest and conversation , there also needs to be enough differences to keep things exciting and fresh. Otherwise, complacency sets in. Of course this is just my opinion based on my experiences and those I have witnessed. Continued good luck to you.

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When we feel comfortable with someone, we are ourselves, no pretenses and no play acting and no drama, just reality and enjoying life.

When we find someone who fulfills our needs, emotional, intellectual, sexual, we have found someone whom we want to be with and stay with because we make each other feel so damn good about ourselves.

These things make two people so attracted to each other.

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one magnet pulling the other

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Chemistry and Pheromones

I'm one of the lucky one's

I know I found my soul mate

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it's your scents

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i believe it has a lot to do with zodiac signs. i am a cancer the crab (over sensitive, emotional, moody, loving, motherly). i was told i get along with other water signs pieces, & scoripo.

i had a great relationship with a scoripo guy.

it speaks about how i wont get a long with capricorn...and my ex of 5 years was a capricorn.

some other signs cant stand my moodiness

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I have not yet! You are blessed!

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Yes, I just cause I just got out of some relationship like before Halloween began. Then the months went by and I couldnt stop thinking about him. Then eventually I got over him one or two months later. Then I went to some mall to go get job applications, and when I was doing so I went to this one average store everybody knows about. When I went in the store I at first l one of the people that worked there asked me if I need help, and I was not looking at him at that moment. Then I turned my head around and was in complete shock cause when I saw him, he was like one of the most attractive men I have ever seen in my life. At that moment, he was too close to my personal space and started smiling to me when i smiled back to him. I asked him if he was the manager and he said he wasnt, and got the manager. Then after the manger talked to me, I turned to him and asked him "So I should come back later today", and he appeared really nearvous around me when I asked him that. Then when I came back, there was a T.V. and on the T. V was a guy that looked like him. He said to me " I see that You are looking at me" while he was helping a customer, and I said "No way" sarcastily , but it looked like he took it personally.

That is a that I asked you but in that short amount of time how can somebody be so nervous, always want to be around you for no reason, and start talking about what they do for a living in front of their customer like that.

What does this mean? Cause it is hard for me to go in the store

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Feelings of trust and knowing that we are always supportive of one another. Sharing a great sense of humor and having common goals in life and knowing that we are best friends. Being able to talk about anything together. Showing affection and seeing our mutual love reflected on each others eyes. When being together makes the world seem brand new and embracing life with joy. Having mutual respect and always wanting to do our best for each other.

Then there is body chemistry. My love and I talk about how wonderful it is to be close. How our skin and hair smells to each other. When we embrace we both feel as if we have come home to a place that fills our hearts with happiness. That both of our lives have been a journey that has led us to meet.

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I'm not sure, they do say that your perfect match is out there somewhere?

I think it's alot of things, chemistry, life experiances, personalitys, likes and dislikes loads of stuff xox.

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I have not. Dont ask why - count yourself lucky.

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