i was inspired to ask this because of something i heard someone say today. we all pretty much have an idea of what makes a person a loser, but what makes someone a winner. is it our state of mind, how we feel about ourselves? how do you determine who's a winner or a loser?
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A winner is someone who never gives up facing life's challenges. He is one who proudly stands up after each fall, and heals himself after each bruise and pain. The essence of a winner is not in the number of medals, awards or battles he has won but knowing that he did his best each time. The one who remains standing after everything has been said and done is the winner. He is after all, the survivor.

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a winner is someone who never gives up. a loser is someone who does.

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In my opinion, when we know how precious we are in God's eyes and how much he loves us - that makes us a winner, even if we have lost before..

And when we really dont know our worth, we tend to lose.

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A winner can move a mountain. A loser just wonders how it happened...

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Motivation to succeed ,and the ability to recognize their success . Many people have the motivation and feel that is all that is required . It's not , it is the ability to recognize the completion that is the success .

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I don't think we 'pretty much all have the same idea of what makes someone a loser'. The world sees poor people as losers. The world sees people who are in secret being abused on a daily basis as losers- and judge them as losers without realizing what is behind it. The world sees homeless people as losers when they don't even take the time to get to know them and their story. People who give up are not losers- that is ridiculous. Life can get too much for some people. My mother gave up- life completely wore her down- but she never lost her integrity. I have been forced to give up in some ways- because it was a choice between my integrity and being a 'winner'.

The world is full of judgmentalism- and I see the people who judge others and put them in categories such as winner and loser as the losers.

In terms of what makes someone a winner- they have one core trait that forms their entire character and actions: integrity.

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Anger ...

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Winning and Coyotegray said...that is truth.

It depends on what context one is placing the winning or losing. (Faith, love, life, business, etc.)

"Are you happy now with all the choices you’ve made?

Are there times in life when you know you should’ve stayed?

Will you compromise and then realize the price is too much to pay?

Winners and losers, which one will you be today?

There’s a light and a dark side

Standing at the crossroads, there we’ll meet

There’s prophets and fools there

The lies and the truth, will be at our feet

I got a reason to turn my head and look the other way

Its heaven and hell here, which one will I live today?"

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His mind.

Each man has been given the most precious soul to maintain pure until his last breath; and the One True God will give him higher mission afterwards. Nobody and nothing can interfere in this divine mission.

Successes and failures in anything on earth are only training for preservation of the perfect state of the soul.

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Your own personal opinion of yourself. I'm a loser, because I believe I am.

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Only you can determine if you are a loser or a winner. You might have nothing in your bank account and a rich guy could call you a loser, though you may be richer in other areas of life than him.

But what about the people out there who do terrible things? Are they losers by default? Im not sure.

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Your thoughts makes you either a winner or a loser.

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