In a Nutshell; Some people are highly motivated and some are not. The Successful person is very motivated, while the unmotivated person is not very successful. What is this difference? Are people able to see this difference in themselves as the reason why they do, or do not succeed?
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it is hard to feel motivated if your life lacks meaning and love

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Motivation in a general sense can often be broken down and lost when things turn against you. The part that need to be fostered is Persistence. Calvin Coolidge did a nice quote on the value of Persistence that Googles well.

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I have always had lots of motivation,.due to metabolism and a busy mind with strong work ethic and altruistic tendencies...

However if health declines then output is way less...

Eating well and sleeping well etc...can help,..but the greater the difficulties,..then the less motivation..

Having dreams and goals might just be a matter of personal disposition.

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You asked more than one question in there.

To be motivated, you must first have desire. There has to be something to be gained, some reward for doing the things we do. Our goals make us work hard. Our lack of them makes us lazy.

People that have no goals or dreams have nothing to drive them to make positive actions and so instead they slip backwards into negativity. Being positive requires effort, conscious effort, you have to have inner reserves to tide you over when the going gets tough.

I feel sorry for people that can't dream and get off their butts to do something to make those dreams a reality.

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A lot of it has to do with nievety and a narcissistic personality. In other words, you have to be somewhat screwed up to succeed. Not always, but for the most part.

These people don't think - they just 'do'. They take every chance, they don't think about why something is happening. They just take it and ask for more.

I've seen way too many morons in admirable positions to deny this fact.

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right now I'm strongly motivated to take a nap, "yawn", however I have stuff I feel compelled to I'm not likely to gain success in the area of my strongest motivation.

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I think it all depends on how you see life...and what your goals or dreams are....if you have any......and for me, a successful person is one that is able achieve his/her goals in has nothing to do with money.

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They have to have the motivation themselves... some people are just naturally lazy or are depressed. depressed people have no motivation. vicious cycle :P

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