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Nothing. By definition impossible is impossible. There are no miracles.

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Tom Cruise

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When people dream enough to make it happen. Intelligence, love and passion. Evolution and the drive to achieve.

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Everything starts with a thought and actions make it possible

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Great question, makes me think, .

Part of what I am needing to write tonight is a screenplay, with your question I have a profound understanding of what to do next. I see it is my mission, here on EP to practice communications at every opportunity and EP is just the perfect platform. Half of us feel we are on stage in life, we place characters and follow ideas that others created and all the while all they needed was a few canvases and some nice paints, a few brushes and some cleaner , a nice set for any kid, that he may be encouraged

to explore his or her creativity at a young age , I'm sure.

A teen to me is the sweetest age in one way, the their sense for adventure and unafraid to explore the far reaches of his or her minds. And sadly this beautiful process is disrupted by perhaps violence in the home.

Getting back to (as if your still with me???) the question impossible .....I'd say a miracle every time I missed a car, for me to make it day by day alive for 68 years.... maybe it was probable, then possible.

My growth stunted with every "NO" to life, was I bitter, was I authentic and clear of mind ? Or regretful and despaired ? Had I over talked , yes, understood !

so my answer Probability !

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Alice in Wonderland... 'Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

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