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No worries, no debt, no needs, and few responsibilities.

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sitting alone, early morning among the moor top.

getting up at 4 30 to start a fishing day out.

having a nice long shower and sitting naked having a joint listening to a good album or three.

disconnecting the doorbell.

Taking off uncomfortable clothes..i.e. funeral suit.

saying what I like to whoever I like.

sitting on a bench and watching the tide come in as the sun rises on the horizon.

sleeping when I feel like it.

jumping in my car with no idea where to go.

shopping at midnight.

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Running :)

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Dont let any fool tell you we are, we are countries "stock" just another commodity like grain, oil or cattle. Government bonds are bought and sold, humans worth is traded. The greater the population the greater value its bonds are worth.

Most of us 99% are born into debt and after a lifetime of debt we die in debt. Any wealth accrued through our lives part is snatched back in Tax through death duties.

When our parents register our birth, that act alone remove any rights of ownership over to the Government. Our parents have no legal ownership rights, they are never told that. We are forced into conflict if the Government deems and lay down our life if neccessary . The last thing we are is free.

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Away from parents

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this question. I feel like I can do anything I feel like now.

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I'm glad to hear that :)

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That's a good question, I never thought about that. But I think going out and having a good time without any worries makes me feel free.

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days off work when i have money in the bank

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the fact that I am

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Taking my clothes off and jumping to my bed.

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