I've been told that a particular christian religion is better than another christian religion. How can this be when they both believe in the same god ?
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The fact that I do not have one.

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amen to that.

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I worship bosoms

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It makes more money than others.

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My religion is science based. Science says that the christian god is highly improbable, if not impossible. I have a god-concept, but not one that established religions would accept as a god.

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Christians are supposed to follow the scripture. So a religion which follows the scriptures would be more Christian than, say, the Roman Catholics who make stuff up that has no scriptural basis.

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My religion is the continuity, the promised one,

the renewal of all religions. It causes me to love

the One True God, to love all religions and to love

all mankind.

It is not a synthetic, a critic, a modification of former

religions. It is clearly the prophetic fulfillment of the Holy Spirit

in His previous manifestations. That is why it is perfectly

new and perfectly ancient. Yes, no men can accomplish

such a thing except the Holy Spirit Himself.

I don't expect any human beings to believe me, but I

strongly believe that all people who get into direct contact

with the Holy Spirit will be completely convinced, as

billions members of the human race did throughout history.

All hail to the Holy Spirit for His glorious return

in this Great Day of God.

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What is that religion ? It sounds awsome.

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Thanks for asking. It is the Baha'i Faith, and this is the link to it:

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Nothing -they are all one.

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my religion is best for me may not be for you but in my religion I worship the lives of my family and friends. I respect people untill they give me many reasons not to. I listen to all advice and only follow the ones my heart feels is best I do not pray i do not pay I do not follow a mob. I do not look down on anyone who beleives different. I have no bible nor rules besides being kind and truthfull. I tease people I llike and ignore people I dont, I smile when I am happy and smile when I am mad. I make others happy when I can because there smiles make me happier. If I disagree with others I may say why but I do not tell them they are wrong.. My religion is not a religion just a way to be without all the bullship

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Im Christian and i have never ever told anyone im better than them or told them my religion is right Jesus "do not be religious but have a relationship"

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