I know that personality is the most important thing!!!!!!! so the 'Looks are not important brigade' please don't bother answering! If you are walking down the road and cannot see someone's personality you only have looks to go on so, what type of guy would turn you on? Mine is: Tall (over six foot) Skinny Dark hair Green eyes Ghostly pale skin (lol I don't know why) I tend to like indie guys, but exclusively and not the ones who try too hard. What is your turn-on guy like?
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His voice and how he talks.

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A beautifully aged, beardless face with a sincere smile; casual, loose-fitting shirt in deep, unusual color and well fitting jeans revealing very cute buttocks.

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Wow, I was going to give you a list, but...yeah all of these sound pretty damn good

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strong looking- not necessarily muscular, just good posture

eyes with a good shape

bone structure

athletic ability

hair must be shorter than shoulder length and not frizzed out/ severely unkempt


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Yes! hygiene is very important, I love a man who is clean and smells good

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Tall and skinny. My hubby is 6' 6" and at 5'4" this allows me to buy and wear all kinds of cute and sexy heels.

Aside from that, the first thing I notice is their smile. Nice teeth are important and I like to see the twinkle in his eye when he smiles. A smirk that creates a dimple and a look that says "I wouldn't mind having you in my bed right now" is such a turn on.

I like a guy who walks confidently but doesn't pretend like he doesn't see the rest of the world. He's not overly aware of himself and therefore he comes off as proud and humble at the same time.

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I like guys who are somewhat muscular & athletic. I'm a nudist & frequent nude beaches, so that if I see that he has a nice sized & nice shaped penis I find that attractive as well.

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hmmmm...dunno, it's really about the way he moves/talks, the "energy" he gives off.

I always notice guys who have a quiet, self-possessed aura about them, and walk in a somewhat deliberate/cautious way, like cats. I find it sexy.

Basically guys who are not totally open and extroverted are most appealing to me. Also, a nice voice, with a polished, polite manner of speaking. I luvs that.

In terms of purely physical traits, dunno. I've really liked all kinds. One thing all my former crushes had in common was a relatively slim jaw. It may sound weird, but contrary to the myth that women like squarish, chiseled jaws in a man, I love narrower jaws, because they seem more refined and sensitive.

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ps. I'd normally say pale white skin, too, but my current crush is average skin tone, with light brown(curly) hair. The first things I noticed about him was the mane of curls and the brown eyes-so pwetty. He's also probably the only guy I've noticed who isn't in any way, "cute" or handsome". From a purely aesthetic point of view, he's really average-looking.
Like I said, though, it's all about the person. For instance, aesthetically, Ben Barnes is pretty close to my ideal man, but, I do not find him attractive at all.

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They have to have nice eyes and a cute loveable smile, and nice bum, & nice hair :-) a little tanned also

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Tall, Dark hair, Blue Eyes preferably but not necessary .. legs legs legs..

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His tallness






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1) Lots of Gray Hair (with a mustache)

2) Older = Mature

3) 6' or taller

4) Blue/Green eyes would be a +

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His eyes, how tall he is.

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His eyes and smile.

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my boyfriend duuuh..


pure pale skin with few freckles ( i love freckles )

grass green eyes

not too muscular , but not chubby... toned

brownish-golden hair

life attitude !

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Big hairy nose and bum

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None that attract me, but I appreciate a nice smile on a guy.

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Sincere eyes...... oh, and a nice a***!

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