Dead Rising, Arkham City, GTA, Diablo, Elder Scrolls, Dead Island, Civilization, Dead Space, Bioshock, Supreme Commander, ARMA 2.
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Skyrim is really beautiful, and there's a LOT of gaming in it. I never played the ones before it and I'm not really into that kind of swords and fantasy stuff but the game's really well done, and you get to fight dragons, they're impressive and dominant.

Heavy Rain and L.A. Noire are both awesome. Quite cinematic, they tell an interesting story and both involve detective work. They both use technology that uses face tracking on the actors so the face graphics are the best you'll find, makes it so much more realistic. L.A. Noire is made by the same guys that did GTA. And they also made Red Dead Redemption, it's an open-world game set in the wild west, good voice acting and different to anything you'll have played.

Beyond that, Resident Evil 5 is a good game, high action and fast paced. If you like Dead Space I think Resi is a similar game. Just Cause deserves a mention, you're playing on an open-world tropical island causing mayhem, similar to GTA, but you have a wrist-mounted grappling hook and a parachute pack, so it's very different to other games.

And as people have said, the Call of Duty series is amazing, great story and immersive. And at this stage CoD 4, MW2 and Black Ops are all really cheap. Even if you don't go online they're worth playing through just for the storyline.

Hope that helps :)

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Gotta be GTA lol.

It's like one of the few games i play :-) 4 is the best one with the add ons

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yeah - just playing that now - i haven't connected my unit to the internet yet though

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Which one? I love Ballad of G a y Tony the best :-)

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not up to the expansions yet

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Theyre much more fun for multiplayer. I wish my Live account would stay connected but it keeps cutting me off :-/

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i would probably buy and xbox too [i'm not naive about the advantages] but new systems will come out soon so i'll probably just stay with sony - i haven't exploited online gaming much - i can be quite asocial

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