NOTE: THIS IS NOT MIGHT TO OFFEND, ONLY TO GAIN VARIOUS RESPONSES ON THE SUBJECT. I've heard this term tossed around lately. I've been doing some digging around about this and, ironically noticed some hipster qualities that I have (most in art, music and clothing (the latter to an extent)). The focus of this question is mostly the latter of my question, because I've heard that there are a series of contradictions on this subject.
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It's the attitude in general. If one is so hellbent on conforming to a certain style and philosophy, the least that should be expected is for them to admit it outright rather than hide behind some notion of originality. Even a Valley Girl recognizes that she does her best to be just like her friends.

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Qualifications for a Hipster:


2. Dumb "Nerd Glasses"

3. Galaxy Leggings.

4. Skinny jeans.

5. Top button done up on collard shirt. NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE GOING.

6. Undercut.

7. Vans.

8. Messenger bag.

9. Compulsion to judge everyone else for being mainstream.

10. Tell people you aren't a hipster and you don't like labels.

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I'm reading this book called "Tales of Beatnik Glory" which is mostly set around Greenwich Village from 1958 - mid 60's. It writes about "the beat movement" and what they are about. It also talks about the commercialisation of the clothing which they wore - berets and glasses. The genuine beats were anti-establishment, but more than that - it was their passion for the arts - especially dissident poetry. There were a lot of film-makers and writers in that circle in Greenwich Village. The beats gave way to the hippies, but the hippies were largely affected by the beats. How a person dresses doesn't necessarily mean they have embraced that lifestyle of course.

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I always get told I'm a hipster -_- I don't really know why. But this reminds me of a funny web comic about how to be a hipster! Its long, but you're here on EP so I'm guessing you've got lots of spare time. :P

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Hipsters are annoying and the dress themselves like children playing dress up. Watch this video by Glove and Boot blog to understand why hipsters are so loathsome.

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I'M OFFENDED I don't know what a hipster is but they seem like the biggest douche bags i would rather hang out with the cast of jersey shore

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