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warriortears warriortears 22-25 3 Answers Dec 22, 2012 in Community

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If the person is to shy, I somewhat get annoyed when they don't speak up for themselves, because I hate seeing someone getting bullied and not doing anything for themselves.<br />
<br />
If its an outgoing person ( Which I am ), they tend to be stubborn and somewhat cocky in situations to prove who is best. They also like to protect others, but if they become over-protective, then that person might get angry.

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aggressive/passive aggressive

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i hate "too shy" ppl altho im shy myself , and i hate it when "outgoing" people get rude like for example i dont know you much , u knock on my door i open up and say hi what do you need , you go like hi im gd hw bout you ? then u walk inside and explore my house leaving me standing at my door..idk whats the specific term for that kind of behavior but it kills me

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