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I was front seat passenger in a train-car accident; the train hit passenger's side. I was in a coma 7 weeks and couldn't fully move for almost a year after. I injured every brain lobe, giving me multiple deficits/disorders in my life. The longest I could fall asleep with the same sedative has been 6 and a half month, Ambian-Zolpidem. Usually it's either 1/2 weeks/months and I would have to switch prescriptions. So far I've been prescribed Ambian-Zolpidem, Temazepam, Alteril, Amitriptyline, Clonazepam, Lunesta, Haloperidol, Lorazepam, Quetiapine-Seroquel, Rameteon, Trazedone, and Zaleplon-Sonata. I'm currently on Quetiapine-generic of Swroquel. I was on Zolpidem right before that. Light and physical therapy is no help for sleep for me. Nor is eating turkey, or not drinking/eating any caffeine or sugar. The longest I've went without sleep was 53 nights, taking my Trazedone, Clonazepam, Zambian, Lunesta etc. Prescribed together every night. Any suggestions of right sedative?
Sarah0821 Sarah0821 22-25, F 4 Answers Feb 14, 2014 in Health

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Have you taken Melatonin? That is the sleep hormone the body produces, it isn't a drug, you can find it in the vitamin section. Definitely try that first as it is pretty much harmless. You might also try total sensory deprivation depending upon what the exact cause is, that supposedly helped some people with a prion disorder known as Fatal Familial Insomnia. But it sounds like your problem is serious, so the only other contribution I can make is to say that Propofol was the drug Michael Jackson used for sleep, and died from. It is an anesthetic and obviously dangerous, and hinders REM sleep in coma patients, but is worth a try if nothing else works.

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Taxes. Laundry. Church.

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