Bahahahaha if you haven't seen Demi Lovato get owned on X factor then you have to check it out as its so fkn funny ;9
M3rmaid M3rmaid 26-30, F 4 Answers Dec 1, 2012 in Jokes & Riddles

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he was really bad at singing i cant do beter but i wasnt there claiming i could and he was staring at her in a creepy way she wasnt wrong for what she said she was just alittle harsh but would he have rather been lied to and let him make a fool of himself just to be sent home a different day hell i was at home no where near him and i felt uncomfortable

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Suddenly, I feel really old:

I have no clue who Armenta is

I have no clue who Demi Lovato is.

I have no clue what the response to Britney Spears was.

Thank you, and I'll be for a moment so I can have a good cry.

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Don't worry honey you're not missing much, they're all **** really. I miss the good old days when music was actually good.....

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Yeah, but shouldn't I know who they are so I can dislike them, LOL.

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It sounds silly.

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