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I am 25 years old boy lives in India. I have lost all my father's life time earning about ten lac rupees in just one year. I am in very much depression and underemployed also. Please help me out this critical condition so that I do not commit suicide.
nk25 nk25 22-25, M 3 Answers Apr 26, 2014 in Health

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If you commit suicide you will just reincarnate into the same situation to face your self made karma. 10 lakh rupees = Rs one million = (about) $ 16,700. In India that's a hefty amount but in USA it would not pay my mortgage one year; not worth suicide. Find a way to repay over time and don't gamble what you don't know. Indian stocks are very could you lose it all? Buy India Postal Service bonds - which pay nearly 10% while you save what you owe - whose principle is guaranteed and learn from your mistake. :)

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Thanks friend the word "Learn from your mistakes" is very energetic.

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