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2.2 lbs is a lot of weight to want to lose per week. First of all, think about how fast you gained it. It is unlikely that over the long term you would've gained 4kg per month. It is best to lose it at a similar pace or the side effects can be very detrimental to the whole process. People often have success on very low carbohydrate diets but the reality is a lot of the initial weight lost is simply water. There is also a great danger on these restricted diets of losing lean muscle mass which is the last thing you want.

There is no effective way to lose weight and keep it off without changing your lifestyle and encorporating some sort of exercise into your life. Another thing to keep in mind is that no single diet works for everyone.

What works for me; For breakfast and lunch I eat none or very little starch; so no breads, cereals, pasta etc. For breakfast I'll have an eggwhite omellete with a lot of veggies or a smoothie made from milk, yoghurt, some fresh berries or a banana and a scoop of protein powder. For lunch I have some lean protein like chicken or fish and more veggies or a salad. I fing I can eat some starch for dinner and just need to watch the portion sizes so pasta and bread are ok once in a while.

What kicks up the weight loss is exercise and I do plenty. Both these processes work best together.

Keep in mind that a pound has 3500 calories in it; so 2.2 would be 7700 calories. Thats how much you would need to eliminate from what you are currently eating and thats a lot. Best to find some sort of computer program to track your calories and write down absolutley everything you eat. People often grossly underestimate the colorie content of what they are eating. I had much more success when I started doing this. Best of luck.

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hey, thanks for your reply. I actually signed into "calorie count" a few months ago, but there are so many foods I just can't find there..

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count calories. Thats it. Set a calorie goal for each day and stick to it. You should lose up to 2 to 3 pounds a week, and they will stay off if you make sure you eat something small every three hours to keep your metabolism up, and to prevent it to going into starvation mode. Good luck!

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forget counting calories.

Just cut your carbs (not counting fruit) to under 80 grams a day.

Eat fruit in the morning, and just cut out the soda, candy, bread, pasta and grains.

Screw the treadmill, all you are doing is damaging your joints and messing up your immune system

Take some walks, long and slow, lift dumbbells for 15 minutes a day and cut those carbs to the minimum

forget Atkins - eat as much fruit as you like.

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Earlier this year I lost 5 lbs per week over a 6 week period (30 lbs in 6 weeks). I then lost 10lbs in the next six weeks and 10 more in the following 6 weeks. That is 50 lbs in 18 weeks and it was all diet discipline which I maintain 4 months after. Excercise is necessary for your health in well being but diet is 95% the cause of our obesity, as well as the best 'cure'.

1) Like mentioned above do not eat after dinner ( I eat by 7 p.m.)

2) Give up sugary breakfast foods and eat plain oatmeal.

3) Eat fruit, yogurt, vegetables and or V8 for lunch.

4) Eat a normal dinner.

I gave up fast food and almost all junk food. I replaced snacking on weekends and at work with eating nuts, fruit or trail mix.

Like mentioned above the goal is reduce caloric intake. The huge amount of calories that I was ingesting was helping me to maintain my weight at 242 lbs when my ideal weight is around 192 (I am 6'2" tall). Remember its about reducing intake and loving the new you. You have to enjoy the endeavor and be very positive. Good luck with this important endeavor.

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I can only tell you what I know works for me, and if it works for me it will work for anyone. Use a Treadmill; if you can afford it, then buy one because you will not regret it but if you can’t go to your local gym. I should tell you that I don’t run … I power-walk, and power-walking is walking at a pace that stretches your legs and stamina to *your* personal limits and it burns more calories than a fixed, short run.

Three years ago I looked at my weight (which I never used to do) and discovered just how much it had crept up on me. I bought a Treadmill and from the first week I began to lose weight at an average 2lb per week. It took me a few months to get all the way back down to my ideal weight and I haven’t stopped using my Treadmill since. Now I power-walk 5KM in 54 minutes and I do this every other day; if something happens that I can’t use the Treadmill it isn’t something I worry about because my weight remains my ideal weight regardless.

I haven’t mentioned diet, but I think my diet is varied enough and I didn’t change it that much from the very start; I did *not* want to get into a diet regime and I don’t feel that I need to do. Eat sensibly and forget counting calories; you will burn more than enough calories on a Treadmill. A healthy diet is important; don’t misunderstand me here. What I am saying is that regardless of what you do with your diet you still need to burn calories

I don’t say this is the best advice you will have, but I will say that a few friends have mine followed what I did and every one of them had the same results. In whichever way you choose, good luck to you … and wanting to lose 2lb’s each week is the first sensible approach that you have here :-)


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don't eat after 5pm and drink a lot of water. no sweets

i lost 14lbs from doing this

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take some veg diet and fresh friuts...

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