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Seems it doesnt matter what I say his ex has him so worked up it seems there is nothing I can say to get him back. Every time I think things are getting better I am just kidding myself. Thought things were going so much better but now seems they are worse than ever and that scares me. I cant be with him at night and I know that is the worst time for him. I just hope he at least has the sense to not do anything stupid at night as he is alone with his 4 children and I would like to think that he wouldnt want them waking up to him hurt or worse. Also wondering if me having upset about the things he says and does is selfish. I know he is hurting and I know I'm not enough for anyone to stick around for so shouldnt upset me especially if he cant stick around for his kids. I hate that what his ex says means more than what I say and some things that get said hurt me but I cant talk about that. Feeling alone right now and just want him back
LittleRedShoes LittleRedShoes 31-35 1 Answer Jan 17, 2012

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