I am nearly 30 years old and I dont know what I want. I graduated university - hospitality management, but in a hotel you start from min wage, and my english is not god enough to be a manager. Also I dont like working all weekends and Bank holidays. Now I work in a warehouse. Good money, nothing heavy but... extremly boring. I start feeling depressed that I graduated university and do donkey job. I need some challenges. The problem is Idont really know what I want and how to start? I can do some courses but what about experience? And the worst question - what I would like to do?
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I have the same problem....have no clue...

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start with the English lessons, that can only help in what you end up doing...unless you become a German to Russian translator, then maybe not so much :~)

How about working on a cruise ship? That could use your college education you have and you can think about what you really want to do while you travel...or you could go back to school if that's a reasonable possibility for you (but ya kinda need an idea of what to study).

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What attracted you to your hospitality management degree in the first place?

As masterzune says, take English courses or practice speaking English every day and definitely don't look down on any honest job. I've done everything from shipping & receiving to teaching English and every experience has helped me develop as a person.

There are various tests that you can take for an investment of a couple of hundred dollars that will give you some good ideas about your preferences and may guide you where you want to go. Myers Brigg comes to mind and is excellent.

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what do u mean donkey work...?

i work in a ware house there is lots of things going on...

maybe u shouldn,t look down at people who do manuel labour....

as for ur question go to english lessions....

that way there is nothing to stop u from becoming a manager...

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Dance? Maybe you could dance in your future? And light some candles and sing by candlelight? Maybe include a little instrument playing . . . guitar perhaps? And live by a tiny lake so you can hear the waves lap against the bank? What about children? You could have children with your future? Frankly, your future will be gone before you know it, so I wouldn't worry too much about laying all that groundwork now. Just go live. And eat a popsicle while you're at it.

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you should become a trucker if you don't have kids, it's ok money and you get to travel.

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