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about a month ago i fought a fair fight vs a 20 years old guy, im 17, dont ask how we reached it lol. he is 8 years in martial arts, really hansome guy and he has 6 packs.. i only do gymnastics. he is about 1.67 and im a 1.75 redhead. and i finished him in that fight.. i really dont know how! then he asked me to show him how i do that and we met from time to time and i still win him and it's not really hard.. we had 90 matches, and i won 71(!).. and its really weird. i dont want to be cocky, but im a pretty girl.. not a bully as it might heard like. how do you think it can be?! a gymnastic girl beats a trained man so many times?! should i hold back and let him win more? should i continue?
lolitaar lolitaar 18-21, F 1 Answer May 2, 2014 in Embarrassing & Funny

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This is what you and your male profile should do.. when fighting yourself do it on a tall building and throw you and your imaginary friend off.

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