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My niece really like these webkinz things. It's a stuffed animal that you can play with online.

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Well, 11 year old girls, (like myself) dont want anything that will make them feel uncomterable such as (stuffed animals, hannah montana stuff,) or anything that they like but they dont want anyone else to know about. If your child likes drawing, then you can get some canvasas, paint by numbers, or anything else artistic! Girls these days like electronics, so try getting her some games, or if you have no electronics, get some. Another thing, if girls have to share a room with a smaller or bigger brother or sister, try to give her a little privacy by giving her her own room. Then get some little stuff that will make her room or backpack look fantastic! What I mean is maybe some key chains, or lava lamps or maybe paint her room whatever color she would like. If your girl likes animals, then try getting her a little pet, maybe a hamster, or maybe a bird. Whatever animal they would like. Get her a camera and a photo album so she can take pictures and remember them forever. If your child is good in the kitchen, get her some cookbooks, and get her her own set. Get her gift cards. So if you are completely stumped, then just get her that so she can get whatever she wants and you dont have to worry about if she is going to like it or not. Of course girls would like it so then they dont have to beg you to get something. She can get it herself. So it is a win- win situation. IF your girl doesnt like to do things outside try getting her a motorized scooter! Or maybe a pogo stick or a zip line or a clubhouse. Anything that will get your little girl outside. Then give her something from the heart. Something she may not have put on her list but she will know that they will like it because it came from you. Then about 3 days before Christmas/ Christmas Eve, let them open one just to get them all pumped up. Lead them to one that will use, like the camera because then she can take pictures of the entire Christmas fiasco! I hope this helped! :)

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For something kind of "out there" you could get her a puppet.

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get her some kind of jewlery, or makeup purse or a gift card. she can get her own gift then!

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What are her general interests?...


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Im getting...

Rollerskates there always fun,

cd player or ipod doc musics cool,

baseball jacket there in fashion,

itunes gift card if they have an ipod,

converse shoes all star or shoes,

perfume maybe rihanna,beyonce eg,

makeup jewlerey,

some clothes go shopping,

arty things stationarey paints eg,

new bedroom objects eg paint posters,

iphone ipod music player macbook tablet eg

playstaion xbox or wii

outside activities skips hoola hoops eg,

pillow pets or stomppies,

tickets to see _____________,

new bag for school,

purse and handbag,

cinemae tickets,

little toys or gadgets that u can put in stockings,

candy or sweets,

new bedset,

ask them what they would like and give them time to think or look it up!!

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Posted by Me Sep 8th, 2013 at 6:31PM

Most 11 year old girls want things that would be helpful in middle school or Elementary school.they want things that they can invited their friends and family to go do are


A new computer

Tickets to their favorite band

CD player



A gift card to their favorite store

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get her something unusual,like she probs wants something thats cooler than her classmates o am eleven and that's what i want to be cool ask her search online GO,GO,GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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I am eleven and for Christmas I want a cell phone because I already have an iPod

Hope this helps

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I suggest that u should get them a IPod touch, it was what I got for my 11yr old!!!!

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Well I'm 11 and I would recommend like maybe if she's layed back maybe fuzzy socks pjs iPod touch something like that or like stuffed animals maybe a pet like turtle puppy kitten hamster or maybe LPS THAT STANDS FOR LITTLES PET SHOPS I know I'm 11 but I have a huge collection of lps I love them soooo much like all my best friends have them littlest pet shop houses stuff like that so I really hoped this helped I know it wasn't that good of influence but it will do <3 merry Christmas

- lyndie

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Im twelve and 11-15 year olds like to collect things, my interest is Monster High, they are really cute dolls that you can pose and not necessarely play with, you can find them at Walmart, Target, Costco, Toys R Us, etc. Also the brand Hollister is a great clothes brand that sells tshirts, hoodies, perfume, etc. Good Luck!

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what u should get her is something for out side fun.or a hamster.i have a hamster i love her.or a gift card if u r stuck a cd if she likes music.or maybe a diary.don't spoil her shes only 11!

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try to remember when you were little what would you of wanted. good luck :) merry christmas

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okay, well i am eleven and i am one of those people that doesnt need a lot so if u r like me then get them something simple.also if u r have money problems and dont want to spend a lot then do not go to justice. they r expensive. unless they really wanted something from there i wouldnt shop really makeup is the best thing. they can experiment with it and see wht complements them and wht looks bad.if they r more tomboy or between the both then get then this sport related stuff, hair stuff, books, clothes, or even a journal. it would give them a chance to write down their thoughts or feelings.if u r still stuck at this point then do this, go into their room when they r not there and look around look at their stuff and their clothes or wht they do in their spare time.see if they have a lot of books or makeup. thats wht my mom did when she didnt know wht to get me. just be sure their not behind when u do it like i was.also i like ome direction and if they like them their take me home is the best choice

i hope this helped......merry christmas

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ok so NO hannah montannah or high school musica im 11 also so..


-makeup (eyshadow, mascara, lipstick, etc.)


-new shoes (like uggs those r really cute)

-jewlry (bracelets necklaces, rings)

-hair stuff/accessories (straightener, curling iron, pony tails, barrets,etc.)


-i tunes gift card (if she has and ipod iphone)


-her fav sport get her the thing they use



-somthing that goes with her fav band like sweatshirt, bracelet, shirt, etc.

-some new tenishoes i spelt that wrong



-cute clothes

-converse or uggs

-gift card (or itunes gift card)

hope i helped have a merry christmas

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I am 11 and personally I think justice stores are the place for me they have toys boots clothes slippers ropes and cozy socks.ect..Also I have been looking at the kindles,I love reading,and the kindle fires are just like an IPad exept the dont cost as much and dont and are smaller.Movies and netflix,I think,girls love to watch movies with their friends and a bowl of popcornA camera is a great idea,I like to take pics for memorys.Thats what I think.

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no hannah montanah just things like laptop make up anything like ipad i pod a new room if possible no high school musical stuff or hannah montana or justin bieber

im 11 and if possible get her a jonal with a lock and with a pen thats really fancy

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Well there is a lot of things but let's stick to the basics, a house dog, a new phone , a new haircut , a BOYFRIEND would be nice.

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camera clothes gift cards memory stuff books calectable barbie ipod ipad iphone

kareoke machine easy bake concerd tickets guitar ugs north face trampoline

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