What do you do when your husband has spent every weekend attending to his failing 94 year old father only to find out after his death he signed a will 4 months ago giving everything to a "disabled" (has a "bad back")- brother? My husband is such a good person but has had to hold down a full time job and couldn't be hovering around every day for 8-10 hours a day; only on weekends. This brother gets a disability check of $3500 a month tax free and can whisper in these vulnerable elderly ears how neglectful my husband has been....
bedouin bedouin 51-55, F 6 Answers Oct 11, 2009

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You may feel that your inheritance has been stolen, but as others have stated, your father-in-law had every right to leave his estate to whomever he wished ... even the RSPCA.

Sorry, but don't expect anything from anybody and you won't be disappointed.

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Oh come off it!

....Your Father in law had every right to give it to any

person, place , or thing he wished!

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What was the mental condition of the deseasd you might be able to contest the will talk to a lawyer

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Your inheritance wasn't stolen. It was his father's choice what to do with his money - his father earned it, not your husband. If the only reason your husband took care of his father on weekends was because he expected a big "pay-off" when he died then shame on him!

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Talk to a lawyer.

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