most of us have very little money, and there's basically nothing good in the house except for two minute noodles, which aren't filling
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What should you have for tea tonight?? Umm, I would say tea. But somehow I think you mean dinner. Do you have any money at all?? You could go get a case of Ramen noodles, it's like 1.63 for the whole case! Two packs should fill you up.

Or, do grilled cheese and soup.

Or, this thing my mom used to do when she was making $250 a week, get a family sized can of Chef Boyardee raviolis and put velveeta cheese on top and bake it.

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mashed pickpeas....hummus

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home-made shepherds pie.....{and if you dont eat it all... you can re-heat the rest for lunch the next day}... :)

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