Waking up- Getting dressed/showering- Driving- At work/studying- Cooking and/or eating- Relaxing- Partying- Making love- Going to sleep- Doing chores around the house- Working out/exercise- On a plane/train/public transport- When you're emo- When you're happy- When you're bored- When you're doing your hobby (what is your hobby?)- When you're (insert emotion)- Any situation(s) I've missed-
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Just depends on my mood. I like a little bit of everything so I usually listen to a variety of genres while I'm doing just about everything.

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All sorts depending on situation and mood, though of your list I don't understand what "emo" means!

One situation I think you missed is "at work". I have had a radio at work but I'm not in one fixed spot like an office worker, and I prefer it then to have nothing. Besides, it would be selfish to inflict my tastes on colleagues who may not share them.

When I'm driving I will not listen to commercial radio or to BBC R2 daytime output, not because I object to all the music but because I find the overall, non-stop, shallow, semi-literate presentation stressful. I tune instead to something like Radio 3 (not Classic FM because I don't want the adverts), use a CD (if I had a player in the car & it works!) or turn the radio off entirely. R3's range is vast, not just Classical music but anything from Early European to Modern, with some jazz, and some unexpected offerings at times; and its presenters and style are friendly, informative and don't treat you like illiterate children. The main difficulty with orchestral music in the car is the very high dynamic range, so it's too loud in the fff passages if you turn up the ppp bits above the car noise!

On the other hand I like heavy rock but there are times when it risks enthusing you into breaking the speed-limit!

The music that drives me away as soon as possible is that played on things like "Co-op Radio". It's just loads of ads for the goods on sale, between ordinary pop-records. I don't want it and don't need it. I've never found out why motorway stations play last years' Radio Cr*p" play-list either, in the gents' toilets!

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Answer to all your choices

chris brown-turn up the music.

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