If you can say why?
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Don't Let Me Get Me by pink.

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Handel's Largo from Concerto Grosso in B Flat, HWV 312

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Meet me in Montana by Tyler Barham

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A piano piece by Eric Satie.

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Remedy by Seether

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"Small Block and Flat-Head" by Koffin Kats. Really addicting Psychobilly/Horror-Rock song.

"If your carburetor county jalopy junction bound.

Then your looking for some madness down in the south.

Folks are a little weird the towns a little strange.

And when ya pass the bone yard just look for the shop where.

Where they're rebuilding motors.

Bringing life to corpses.

A nights work for a small block and flathead.

Wrenching on the dead.

And replacing heads.

It's the only life for small block and flathead."

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sunbeam - a place to bury strangers

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two little boys by rolf harris is playing in my head:p

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Blood red Summer by Coheed and Cambria

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