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"Matryoshka" by Miku Hatsune and Gumi Megapoid


"Kangae sugi no MESSAGE

Dare ni todoku kamo shirenai de

Kitto watashi wa itsudemo sou

Tsugi hagi kurutta MATRYOSHIKA"


"A message I've thought too much about

maybe it'll reach some, but I just don't know

Pretty sure I've always been this way, just a patched up crazy MATTRYOSHKA DOLL"

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To plant a seed- We came as Romans

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Obladi, Oblidah by the Beatles, 'La la la life goes on

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long way to happy

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earlier: someone like you adele :(

now: superbass nikiminaj m/ :D if u noe wat i mean !

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lost in a lost world moody blues

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