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lets all get drunk tonight ~ afro man

sex machine/hot pants ~ james brown

wild thing ~ tone-loc

satisfaction ~ 'stones

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I don't think I have enough time to list all the songs on my itunes right now since they all, at one point, were very important to me at certain times in my life and seemed to fit the moments like a soundtrack to a movie..

but i think at this point it would be Explosions in the Sky- Your Hand In Mine

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Your too sexy for your shirt

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Led Zeppelin

Humble Pie

Uriah Heep

The Guess Who

Moody Blues

Thin Lizzy

'Ozzy Osbourne


Rory Gallagher

Ted Nugent

Lou Reed~ Transformer

Lynerd Skynard






Metal Church

Too many to list

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Wow...your life story would probably have to be a musical then. I will rewrite the script. Everyone go home! We will start shooting in 3 months!

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Chariots of Fire and Jethro Tull's Elegy as performed by the London Symphony with Ian Anderson soloing on flute.

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It's Wu mothaf*c*ers, Wu Tang!

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Lou reed walk on the wild side ... lol

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LOL...I love that song...but surely you can think of more songs for a 2 hour movie...?

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Mott the hoople all the young dudes
Free all right now
Telegram sam T-rex
Suzie creamcheese Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention

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Burt and Ernie...rubber duckie

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