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a few more beers maybe

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having to go to work every day

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Me/eM depends which way you look at it. Either way I am always in my own way.

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I don' know what is happiness, so I don't feel it.

I don't know what is my true self, so I don't see it.

I imagine that they are two different things to be

veiled from each other. And I wait hopelessly

for them to appear to my eyes or my senses.

In fact my true self is the invisible soul,

my happiness is to develop it under the guidance of God.

The more I learn to know and to apply the principles

and laws of God, the more I will be happy and thankful

with my marvelous life as a son of God like all

other human beings who are creted in the image

and likeness of God.

Nothing can prevent me from enjoying happiness in the

boundless love of God.

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The people.

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The Atlantic Ocean :)

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