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girls love to know they are pretty so you can always tell a girl how pretty she looks. You can tell her her eyes are beautiful. What ever you do don't mention anything sexual like her breasts. You tell her the dress or outfit she has on is very pretty or something like that. You can tell her she is very charming or sweet or what ever it is about her personality that you like. You can mention her beautiful hair and how it glitters and shines in the sun light.

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Always tell the girl what you really feel inside your heart and let it out...but not too strong,

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be funny, comment on her personality and beauty, let her know what makes her unique.

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I love every bone in you body exspecally mine??

Wow did you feel that,I have butterflies in my stomach my mom always said when i met the right one i would get butterflies....

They worked for my brother...

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Try not to focus so much on which statements to use, and focus more on how you use them. The best way to flirt is in a way that makes them wonder what just happened. You can flirt while saying anything (Except maybe, "He's dead!")

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Statemenst of commonality so that the two of you can converse about the subject matter and adding your asumptions of what she would like to hear from you.

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Don't be boring! That's all I have to say. Sometimes you might even try a cheesy pick-up line, as long as you don't think that takes the cake. Just break the ice with something like, "Do you work at Hershey's? 'Cause you sure are sweet." Then follow-up with, "All right, so that was my lame pick-up line to break the ice. What's up?"

Basically, break the ice in a way that'll make her laugh and scoff a little. It lets her know that you've got a sense of humor. After that, don't go crazy trying to think of flirty lines, just make conversation that isn't "did you hear about Obama's new car?"

Ok, I don't wanna go crazy and say things that you'll struggle to remember.

1) Break the ice by saying something that'll make her roll her eyes or smile slightly.

2) Admit it if you used a cheesy pickup line, she'll open up more.

3) Make general conversation. "Who're you here with?" "Why're you by yourself?" "Do you come here a lot?" "Would you recommend a drink to me? Something manly, please."

4) Be yourself with caution (add in extra amounts of suave and charm and no gross man stuff). In other words, let yourself shine through but don't go caveman.

5) If it's not working out, gracefully bow out. If it IS working out, well, stay or prowl around and then come back.

Basically, no one line will work for every woman, and don't work so hard. Just think of interesting things and say them. And if you can't, tip a hat to her and let her know her beauty is boggling your mind and if she could please work the conversation a little to save your honor.

I guess I'm a girl so nothing I say comes out short. Hope some of it sinks in. Good luck!

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Flip flop....i dont know what flirting is, its probably talking with style!

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What happens to come up in your head first.

And I meant your head, not your ****.

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