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clever little shithead

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Loving, caring, and kind..........

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My husband--sexy, talented(artist), one of a kind

My sister--rebellious, unconventional, outspoken

My sister's husband--weird, funny, entertaining

Mother in law--nice, talented, pretty, a little weird

Father in law--same/open-minded

Brother-in law--weird, funny, open-minded

Brother-in-law's fiance--interesting, pretty, nice

mutual friend of me and my husband 1--apprehensive to show my feelings physically in friendship gestures, open(to new things, and with my thoughts), nice

mutual friend 2--ignorant of some things he thinks everyone knows, sort of weird, kind of funny

mutual friend 3--caring, wise, friendly

mutual friend 3's wife--friendly, sexy, confusing

mutual friend #4--intimidating, loud, cute

mutual friend #5--interesting, smart, friendly/welcoming

my one friend--a person to compete with, caring, smart

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Smart, strange, poor

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crazy, kung fuing, WACKO

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The drunk chick! Oops, you only wanted adjectives, so I guess 2 more are evil and clutzy (actually only when I'm either sober or whiskey-drunk. Rum doesn't do that to me. Weird, huh? I digress. OK, ignore me, I'm rambling.)

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eccentric. silly.

not sure my friends have a large enough vocabulary to come up with a third word.

hell, i'm not even sure they know what "adjective" means.

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I asked one of mine and she said, " Funny, Paranoid, and Happy"

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loyal, kind, looney

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Loyal, honest, crazy.

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"Oh, good Lord!" Not technically adjectives, but thats probably the response you'd get.

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